The space-based military, transport and communications branch of the Six Species. Technically open to membership from all member-species of the Six Species, the official regulations of AstroCorps nevertheless insist that Blaran crewmembers cannot hold command positions or even fully valid AstroCorps credentials. Blaren are generally granted non-Corps crewmember status, except in special circumstances, for example, the commissioning of a Molran-free starship of lower military class.

The regulations and traditions surrounding the exclusion of Blaren from AstroCorps are complex and ancient, dating back to the Twin Species Social Code.

Furthermore, the acceptance of Fergunakil crewmembers is strictly limited according to their clearance levels and subject to scrutiny; Bonshooni are widely considered to be ineligible or unable to properly perform crew tasks; and humans are often not considered sentient at all, let alone stable or responsible. Human frailty is often seen as a heavy drawback in spacefaring life. The aki'Drednanth, in contrast, are considered above AstroCorps considerations, their motives and requirements immediately taking precedent over the orders of AstroCorps officers under so-called priority zero custom. Aki'Drednanth in turn do not often use this authority, or indeed hold positions on board AstroCorps starships, beyond a passenger or consulting capacity.

As such, the cynic might be encouraged to believe that only Molran members of AstroCorps have any real legitimacy. This is a view most non-Molran AstroCorps members hold with some bitterness, especially considering that AstroCorps is widely believed by Molren to be humanity's attempt at countering the Molran Fleet, a much larger, more powerful, more technologically advanced and culturally well-respected institution centred around the Worldships of the Molranoid exodus. AstroCorps is still referred to, by Molren of a certain age and other Molren of a certain character, as Fleet Junior.

AstroCorps starships Edit

AstroCorps commonly uses the following classes of starships:

1. The modular starship, smallest and most lightly-armed vessel of the Six Species armada.

2. The AstroCorps transport, medium-sized and almost entirely civilian in nature, with minimal armaments.

3. The warship, standard military vessel bearing a range or armaments.

4. The warship of the line, largest military vessel, barring special custom-built ships.

AstroCorps fields some smaller vessels, for example, shuttles and landers, but these do not generally have relative speed capability or heavy arms or armour.

AstroCorps also claims larger vessels and technology, for example, Chrysanthemum class hubstations and Mandelbrot class superhub arrays, as part of its inventory, but these are largely used as mass civilian residential structures.

The Academy Edit

Main article: AstroCorps Academy.

The standardised training and education institution for AstroCorps, producing graduates of AstroCorps registered crew class as well as all AstroCorps officers.

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