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Once upon a time, the starship they lived in had been named AstroCorps Transpersion Modular Payload 400. This was, admittedly, more of a classification than a name. Due to certain regrettable events leading up to her hasty launch, the Tramp had never been given a proper inauguration.

Owing to some of those same events involving combustion mines and incendiary cannons, and the ensuing years involving far more crashes and scrapes and impacts and dogfights and failed dockings and weapons-malfunctioning-take-us-to-ramming-speeds than they had washings or paint jobs, the last time anyone had looked at the hull the lettering had read Astro Tra M P 400, leaving her with her current inglorious but at least soulful name.

- Eejit

The AstroCorps Transpersion Modular Payload 400 is, as the designation suggests, an AstroCorps Modular starship, commonly known as a modular, with a nuclear transpersion core powering its systems, weapons and relative drive. She has twin-200 payload mini-whorl cannons, thus elevating her to a Payload 400 modular. It is unusual, but not unheard-of, for modular to be equipped with Godfire weaponry.

The big guns were originally nicknamed "Pater and Mater"; after Mater's destruction, a replacement was found and the nickname changed to "Pater and Fuck-Ton".

The Astro Tramp 400 was constructed (or at least kitted out) and launched (or at least commandeered) in the Pestoria Geo Chrysanthemum class hubstation, in orbit above Eternal Aquilar. Her final known tour, under the command of Captain Çrom Skelliglyph, began from Pestoria Geo Chrys in 3855-56 YM. For reasons of security and deniability, it was necessary to begin the tour under questionable legal circumstances. And then continue the tour in much the same manner.

For various reasons the computer of the Astro Tramp 400, originally a standard non-sentient adaptive-response cortex model, was upgraded during her final tour to include a synthetic intelligence hub hosting an instance that came to be known as Bruce. In the final stages of her tour, she was further upgraded - on Bruce's own initiative - to include the integrated synthetic intelligence support system from an AstroCorps warship.

The whereabouts of the Astro Tramp 400 at the conclusion of her tour are unknown.