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Bonshoon might refer to:

Bonshoon print

The cover of Bonshoon, depicting the Astro Tramp 400 in high orbit over Horatio Bunzo's Funtime Happy World.

- The third book of Andrew Hindle's science-fiction series The Final Fall of Man. Available in e-book and paperback.

- A subspecies of Molranoid.

"Bonshoon is probably my second-favourite book in the series. I wanted to put in some back-story to the characters, get the reader used to skipping back and forth, and also fit in a solid wedge of brutality and an abandoned fun park. Mission accomplished." - Andrew Hindle

"That is the bonshiest damn idea I've ever heard." - General Moral Decay (Alcohol)

Bonshoon (species) Edit

The Bonshooni (singular Bonshoon) are a relatively laid-back, imaginative and friendly subspecies of the wider Molranoid species-group, with a smaller population to that of the Molran and Blaran species.

Species origin Edit

The origins of the Bonshooni can be traced to the Molran Fleet Worldship Bonshoo, the crew of which took the unprecedented step of waking up the majority of their sleeper pod dwelling civilians following drastic losses resulting from protracted Damorakind hostility and other challenges.

The civilians, representative of a subculture known as the Single Sigh on the lost Molranoid homeworld, were physiologically and psychologically unsuited to further interbreeding with Molren and Blaren, and gathered and interbred to form a subspecies in their own right.

The original Molren Edit

As they are representatives of the original Molran species that boarded the Fleet Worldships and were placed in storage, or at least some of the most immediate descendants thereof, it is argued that the Bonshooni represent the original Molran species, from which "Molren" and Blaren have diverged.

Fat of mind, fat of bodyEdit

While Bonshooni are considerably stronger, more agile and more intelligent than humans, by Molranoid standards they are often seen as clumsy, foolish, prone to superstition and naiveté. This is such a persistent trope that the Bonshoon type has become synonymous with ungainliness and stupidity among Molran and Blaran cultures.

The Bonshoon veilEdit

The Bonshooni adhere to a number of fragmentary and greatly-diluted superstitious beliefs possibly inherited from the cultures of the Molranoid homeworld, although the possibility that they are a result of subspecies-wide hereditary synaptic damage has not been ruled out.

One such belief, that of the veil covering the galaxy, is borne out by a certain amount of circumstantial and experimental evidence. Its overlap with wider Molranoid beliefs about the gates of space and the city in the centre of the universe is also compelling.

The myth of the Vahooni, a fourth subspecies of Molranoid, is closely linked with the concept of the veil.

Bonshoon abilitiesEdit

It is a widely-held belief, borne out with considerable clinical evidence, that Bonshooni have hereditary imperfections and ailments related to their origins in the sleeper pods. This means, among other things, that Bonshooni are incapable of mastering the mental discipline to interact with the aki'Drednanth Dreamscape. While it is very rare for Molren and Blaren to achieve the interaction, it is unheard-of for Bonshooni - nor indeed has any human or Fergunak been known to have achieved it.

However, there are historical examples (such as the Bonshoon Tían), and contemporary accounts (such as the Bonshooni Maladin and Dunnkirk) that suggest some Bonshooni, brought from sleeper pods under certain circumstances and with a certain combination of mental ability and sleeper-related damage, can manifest in the Dreamscape and communicate with the aki'Drednanth freely.

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