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It was this devastating lack of expertise that resulted in a half-dozen eejits taking the place of each former crewmember. While they tended to work surprisingly well in synchrony and not get in each other’s way, they were still no real substitute for an actual expert – or even a reasonably imaginative amateur human – and had a habit of falling inside things and getting crushed. Sometimes accidentally, sometimes not so much.

It was also the reason Contro was Chief Engineer. - Eejit

Controversial-To-The-End was Chief Engineer of the AstroCorps Modular starship Astro Tramp 400 from the time of The Accident in 3860 YM until 3867 YM.


Elan Ende was an almost unparalleled genius, albeit a practically unknown one, in the field of communication. If he couldn’t nail introductions and small talk, then they’d come to Þursheim for nothing. - Damorak

Born on Mygonite-controlled Þursheim in 3819 YM, Controversial-To-The-End was given the non-Mygonite name Elan Ende in the tradition of his family. When required by local bureaucracy to provide a Mygonite name, he chose one that poked mild fun at tradition as well as including the obligatory pun around the name Ende.

At their first meeting in 3843, Drago Barducci joked that Elan must have turned twenty a week previously, to which Elan fired back that it had in fact been two weeks. In truth, He in fact graduated ''MagaXidh'' from Corps Sci in 3839 YM, graduated from Jathan's Carbuncle Academy in 3840 YM, and was twenty-four as of his recruitment into Project Numb.


- Dora Ende, mother. A rancher from Sweetnature Chasm near Mpoda, on Þursheim.

- Noel Ende, father. A rancher from Sweetnature Chasm near Mpoda, on Þursheim. Deceased 3840 YM.

- Ismælla "Izzy" Morín, maternal grandmother. Deceased. Also known as Granny Iz.

Project Numb

Main article: Project Numb.

From 3843 YM to 3847 YM, Controversial-To-The-End was involved in a secret AstroCorps mission to the galactic core. His official designation for the mission was Corps Sci Lingustics Specialist, and he was tasked with providing translation and communication aid.

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Last known whereabouts

Controversial-To-The-End was last seen aboard the AstroCorps Modular starship Astro Tramp 400.

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