The central stellar bulge of the galaxy in which The Final Fall of Man series takes place.

Damorakind space Edit

A large portion of the galactic disc's innermost systems was dominated by the Damorakind civilisation, and strictly off-limits to Six Species exploration. Also known as Cancer space.

Near-Core space Edit

The innermost area of Damorakind space, where the planetary systems are at their densest, is known as near-Core space. It is technically inside the galactic Core, which is colloquially defined as the entire region of Damorakind space.

Near-Core space also holds the Great Ice, a huge ribbon of almost-interlocking comets that winds in a ring around the entire Core. The comets are held together by gravitational forces into a formation so closely-packed that it is almost possible to walk from one to the next, all the way around the expanse. It's debated as to whether the Great Ice is a highly anomalous natural formation, or the work of some long-gone alien species of megaengineers.

The Great Ice was the ancestral home of the aki'Drednanth, and the storage vessel of the Drednanth until Hacticos's assault on the structure destabilised the comets as a consciousness-housing matrix.

The Utmost Core Edit

A largely uninhabitable region in the very centre of the galaxy, where stellar density is too great and the radiation and adverse effects of theoretical supermassive black holes and other phenomena make even highly resilient and advanced life impossible.

The Portal known in Molran Fleet mythology as the gates of space lay on the outskirts of the Utmost Core, locked in a kind of hula-hoop orbit around the galaxy's centre-point. It was not far from the amalgamated colony of the Bubble.

Central black hole Edit

The existence of a supermassive black hole or black holes in the very centre of the galaxy remains conjecture.

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