Large long-haul vessels often used as permanent habitats for their crews (or populations). A combination of the AstroCorps Chrysanthemum class hubstation and the Molran Fleet transport class vessel. An R&X vessel is smaller than a Chrysanthemum, but can dock more modular starships at a time than the standard Chrysanthemum complement of 30.

A standard R&X vessel consists of a 30-deck hub globe with an equatorial gravity exchange plane. From the circumference, ten docking spars extend (usually bilaterally separated by their own exchange fields) and terminate in smaller 15-deck structures, each with an equatorial gravity exchange deck, that are built for habitation or scientific research and development.

R&X vessels are relative-capable and often travel in uncharted regions of Six Species space, exploring or studying new worlds and phenomena. In this sense, they are considered the quintessential adventure starship even though the smaller AstroCorps modulars have a generally wider mission brief and are more common and widespread.

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