A nerve agent designed by the New Russian Union in the mid-22nd Century (Earth). Used regularly in NRU police actions, the nerve agent quickly became the weapon of choice for quelling civilian insurgencies all over the world.

Cryptoadiplase encourages lethargy and a deep feeling of admiration and trust, and then makes the victim's nose and gums bleed for one to two hours. As a result of this side-effect, grotesque images of stricken civilians – young children in particular – were initially shared by journalists and members of the public to the horror of citizens of other nations.

The various world governments and police forces did nothing to curtail the use of the gas or develop a more harmless strain, since it was easier to target the images and the people disseminating them. After a few months, the outrage was forgotten and deployment of cryptoadiplase continued.

Also called greensleep gas. Victims of a cryptoadiplase attack are said to suffer the bloody grin.

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