Drednanth might refer to:

Drednanth final1

The cover of Drednanth, depicting the Astro Tramp 400 on approach to Standing Wave.

  • The telepathic consciousness of an aki'Drednanth individual, commonly considered to be the "true form" of the creature while the aki'Drednanth is merely a flesh extension into the physical sphere.

"Drednanth was a pleasure to write. It moved on past the necessary introductions and setup of the first book, and started us out on the larger adventure that I wanted to tell readers about. Also it had an immortal telepathic yeti and a bunch of cybernetic space sharks in it, you can't go wrong with that shit." - Andrew Hindle

"If you think their meat-puppets are big and dangerous, just wait until you catch a glimpse of what's controlling them." - Captain Çrom Skelliglyph

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