Before I wind this up, though, I wanted to address something that my Author Ego, Andrew Hindle, was worried about. Boy worries about a lot of things, I’ve got to say. It comes from being clothing-repressed, you know.

“People are expecting the end of the world, or the end of the galaxy,” he said, “because of the title of the series.”

The Final Fall of Man?” I replied handsomely. “Why?”

“Well, because it’s The Final Fall of Man, I guess.”

“Alright, well let’s be fair here. A lot of people and planets did get wiped out.”

“Yes, but not all of them.”

“Your readers do know the difference between a Fall of Man and an Apocalypse, don’t they?”

“I think so, but Final … ”

“Final schminal. The point of the original Fall of Man was that Adam and Eve did what they were told right up until the Devil tempted them with knowledge, after which they were cast out of paradise. Anyone who didn’t see where this series was heading is an idiot, there I said it.”

Okay, look, sometimes I can be a little harsh in these matters...

- Edpool

Star wars

Edpool attempting to blend in with a group of Star Wars cosplayers, Ropecon Finland 2016.

Edpool is the editor persona of Andrew Hindle.

As well as hanging out in the notes sections of Hindle's books and even hosting a couple of Editor's Note sections of his own, Edpool performs editorial services for friends and colleagues and basically anyone who will let him. He even performs editorial services for a few people who don't want him to fix their appalling writing, but who should really be thanking him.

The line between Hindle's assorted personae is blurred at best, allowing him to switch between them without warning and on several occasions have conversations - and arguments.

Edpool's primary environment is Twitter, but he really doesn't like it all that much. He's dabbled in book reviews and even a YouTube channel where he reviews chapters of stories, but he's really only truly at home sitting in front of a pile of text, red pen held vindictively in his hand.

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