The machinery in which an able is designed, cloned, printed and configured. Also called an able printer or clone factory. The fabrication plant also produces uniforms and food for the able units.

Not to be confused with medical and food printers, the fabrication plant is more of a self-contained factory for the production of entire viable organic components rather than organs that are dependent upon the recipient's physiology for viability, and nutrients for consumption.

Standard AstroCorps starship-, Chrysanthemum- or planet-based fabrication plants are usually fitted to produce one or a maximum of three ables at a time, the more high-productivity models being designed to print one fabricant while a second is undergoing preliminary configuration and a third is undergoing final configuration. Beyond this, larger fabrication plant conglomerations are generally multiple-cell collections of the same setup, running in synchrony.

Fabrication plants produce exclusively human-based fabricants. Other member-species of the Six Species do not participate in autonomous cloning for various reasons, although most of them do make use of medical printers for the fabrication of limbs, organs, blood and skin for emergency situations.

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