“Who the Hell is Gordon Grundy?” Sally asked Decay out of the corner of her mouth.

“Father of modern transpersion physics,” Decay replied in the same low voice. “Don’t you know anything?” - Fergunakil

Gordon Grundy was a noted alumnus of the Jathan's Carbuncle Chrysanthemum above Þursheim, and one of the few humans to attend the Institute. In the 37th Century YM, he became famous in the extremely narrow field of nuclear transpersion zero-cycle graphing and statistical implementation, for a new method of framing transpersion equations that increased efficiency and usability by an objectively negligible amount.

He was known ironically as the father of modern transpersion physics by a very small cross-section of the 'Buncle's academics, and non-ironically as the same by an even smaller cross-section, specifically non-Molran transpersion physicists. He was a low-key personal hero of Controversial-To-The-End.

One of only a handful of humans ever to become a transpersion physicist, it is possible his contributions to the field have been given more credit than they deserve by over-keen human scientists. Several noteworthy Molran transpersion physicists have contributed at least as much to the sum of modern transpersion knowledge.

Cultural significance Edit

In the late 37th and early 38th Centuries YM, "to soil one's Gordons" was a common Þursheimer expression for becoming over-excited by something technical, complicated, academic or otherwise mind-numbingly tedious. The expression was mainly used derisively in reference to 'Buncle natives who were typically enamoured of intellectual pursuits. The phrase most likely has a rhyming-slang origin: Gordon Grundies = undies.

The Six Species world Gordon's Crater was named in Grundy's honour, as a result of competing transpersion industry factions running a grey page experiment based on stolen equation drafts. The resultant transperse flux implosion formed the crater which gives Gordon's Crater its name. Local myth strongly implies that Grundy knew his competitors were attempting to steal the equations, and left critically flawed drafts for them to discover, thus causing the implosion. Many Molran sources insist that the drafts were Grundy's finished work, and the implosion was the result of his equations being fundamentally flawed and the competing scientists also being incompetent. Whatever the truth of the matter, Grundy's work was revised and reviewed numerous times before its final negligible efficiency frames were set. Still, it is widely agreed to be one of the best ways to start an argument in a mixed-species engine room.

Possible relatives Edit

Gordon Grundy may be a distant descendant of the Angel Transcendus Excelsius Macabre, whose human name was Philip Reginald Grundy before his death during the Last War of Independence.

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