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Commemorative plaque secretly placed on the surface of Gunton Falls.

On this planet of Gunton Falls, in the 3845th year YM, special / operations security officer Norel Gunton (AstroCorps Lieutenant, / Third Grade) gave up his life. / He elected to remain behind, sacrificing himself to throw off / Damorakind pursuit, ensuring the safe return of his crewmates and / the success of the mission. No higher price can be exacted as proof / of loyalty and spirit. / He is survived by a wife Mara Estelle; a daughter Pilar Gunton; / and a brother Robér Gunton. / He is remembered with the deepest respect by his crewmates: / Çrom Skelliglyph (AstroCorps Captain, Second Grade); / Drago Barducci (AstroCorps Commander, First Grade); / Transient Fear, Terminal Bravery (non-Corps Chief Tactical / Officer); / Ishandi Pentercress (Corps Sci Xenobiological Weapons / Specialist); / Elan Ende (Corps Sci Lingustics Specialist); / Glacier (Corps Sci Special Consultant, Pilot) / We name this world in his honour, by the authority invested in us / by AstroCorps, the Molran Fleet, and the Six Species charter. / Make it a beautiful, beautiful song.

- Plaque hidden on Gunton Falls

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