The following terms and phrases and their approximate translations are provided in approximate order of age, starting with the earliest known Corporate and Alien languages.


Ancient Xidh[edit | edit source]

Tegek Ma[edit | edit source]

Terminal One.

Tegek Ma-kro[edit | edit source]

Terminal Two.

Bluo[edit | edit source]


Bluothesh[edit | edit source]

Insane. Literally, “touched by chaos.”

Bluotermiak[edit | edit source]

The Great Maze.

Bluohame[edit | edit source]

Chaos Home.

Dahbis’bluo[edit | edit source]

Destroyer of Dahbia.

Gimmyfrox[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. Elevator device.

Hagger and moritzo[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. An elegant food dish.

-en (suffix)[edit | edit source]


Sklyph[edit | edit source]


Odreck, yala, teros-dae[edit | edit source]

Where the sound of leaves, we also. Proverb / motto.

Megoltripp[edit | edit source]

That’s very silly.

Galere Chiel Goelere[edit | edit source]

Life is Power is Life. Proverb / motto.

Omarkar chy[edit | edit source]

Where am I?

Bluokront[edit | edit source]


Arakak ma-kro[edit | edit source]

Two thousand miles. Approximate equivalent.

Vahoonar[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. The empathy of shared sentience, to understand people of another species on their own terms rather than as your own kind.

Ancient Xidh (dialect)[edit | edit source]

Shemret blálir, falshen dur Kernia[edit | edit source]

If I didn’t hate everything, I’d still hate Kernians.

Ancient Pinian[edit | edit source]

Derbis[edit | edit source]


Plogo, methinks[edit | edit source]

Sewage, methinks.

Howi[edit | edit source]

How’s things. How are things going, standard generic greeting.

Tuck-schnucky, tuck-schnucker[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. Insult.

Pooyeck magala, hawa hawa mae, megaya bowak Brn Skatara‑Dei bowagg medolo[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. Formal greeting and oath of allegiance, military in nature.

Brn[edit | edit source]


Skatara-Dei[edit | edit source]

Greyblade. Blade-of-grey.

Medolo[edit | edit source]


Mayhap buturi butar[edit | edit source]

Perhaps I should help. Implied ‘do magic’.

Durks[edit | edit source]


[edit | edit source]

Deep shit.

Hnarth-bnar[edit | edit source]

Littleghost. Hnarth = ghost, bnar = small / childlike.

Skatara-bnar[edit | edit source]


Ariad[edit | edit source]


Nisplodetha kantoi[edit | edit source]

Beautiful on the outside. Saying / motto.

Skata’i’[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. A weapon as-yet untested / possibly damaged.

Skat-ru[edit | edit source]

Select language.

Medolokai[edit | edit source]

Warrior King / God. Godfang name.

Nathñiata[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. Godfang name.

Destarion[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. Godfang name.

Dagabiata[edit | edit source]

Unforeseen cataclysm. Godfang name.

Natha’i[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. Godfang name.

Antique Pinian / Heavenly priesthood (dialect)[edit | edit source]

Dagab[edit | edit source]

Unintended. From dagabiad.

Xidh[edit | edit source]

Maka / Marog[edit | edit source]

One / first.

Balro / Balrog[edit | edit source]

Two / second.

Koya / Korog[edit | edit source]

Three / third.

Telro / Telrog[edit | edit source]

Four / fourth.

Taro / Tarog[edit | edit source]

Five / fifth.

Yeka / Yerog[edit | edit source]

Six / sixth.

The / Therog[edit | edit source]

Ten / tenth.

Themaa[edit | edit source]

Eleven. Ten, one.

Theria[edit | edit source]

Ten by ten. Data / poetic function.

Themaia[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. Made-up eleven-character theria.

Goa[edit | edit source]

You. Implied ‘memory of you’ / ‘do you remember’

Gozu[edit | edit source]

Who you are. Interrogative.

Gafanda[edit | edit source]

What was said. Interrogative.

Ja’ … ña[edit | edit source]

By / anything about [name]. Possessive, past tense.

Yala[edit | edit source]

Which / of which. Interrogative.

Mogak[edit | edit source]

Species. Implied ‘mortal species’.

Skella hull dahar[edit | edit source]

That will do.

Skehar, vehe nee[edit | edit source]

Hello there, my furry friend.

Zolo[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. A caffeine-like beverage.

Phloder(ball)[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. A game.

Splo[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. Lightspeed transportation system.

Jes’thren Saddr[edit | edit source]

(Land of) Eating and Fighting.

Temis skyenyi, temis temmi tomis skwekcha skotcha myks[edit | edit source]

Eye in the sky, eye on the ground, eyes in my head, ships to be found. Shorthand of the four quadrants and their two echelons in the Capital Mind sky. Used by ship-spotters.

Noro[edit | edit source]

Anger / angry.

Tomis-wek (by nines)[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. Sky-coordinates.

Zirgox (spots)[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. A skin condition many mammalian species are vulnerable to. An allergic reaction to zirgox fibres.

Hohine[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. Back end of a gutter pig.

Lomgrem[edit | edit source]


Metak[edit | edit source]


Metak Maka[edit | edit source]

Vapour Joker. Literally, "First Among Jokers."

Noro Metak[edit | edit source]

Angry Joker. Not a Joker race, a dumbler species named by Molren as a mild joke.

Furgun / Fergun[edit | edit source]


Hyaleh[edit | edit source]

Child / doll-like adult.

Ghone[edit | edit source]

Clone. Derogatory.

Stonk[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. Generic swearword, related to medical clone slates.

Cholak[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. A fact with an explanation too long and complicated to be worth noting in the official record.

Etta[edit | edit source]

Epic journey. An odyssey where both start and finish were complete unknowns.

Foylaa[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. The objectivity that comes from belonging nowhere.

Nerashka[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. A kind of layered sauce that you mix just before serving.

Charehl lehdi[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. The feeling you get when people ask you what gift you want, and you tell them, and then you get a series of gifts including one gift that seems to hint that you might be getting the gift you asked for, but you can tell from the size and shape of the remaining gifts that you’re not getting the gift you asked for, and then you realise that the gift you’ve just opened is what they decided was close enough to what you asked for and they expect you to be grateful.

Enna[edit | edit source]

Lost. Given up as a sacrifice.

Mogn Haal[edit | edit source]

Saviour in Ice.

Aga / Agn[edit | edit source]


Thokagna[edit | edit source]

Godfang. Starship class.

Thokagna altukaarle[edit | edit source]

Godfang World-Eater.

Cu’u’ton[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. A complaint that afflicts many Molren shortly after the end of First Prime, where the tips of the ear-ribs itch maddeningly (and sometimes ache) for a brief time.

Choru haal[edit | edit source]

Die freezing. Old curse (die freezing in space).

Threkta Fweig[edit | edit source]

God-eating Fweig. Old curse.

Threta[edit | edit source]


Hatha’i[edit | edit source]

Sovereignty / dominion.

Hathal Moga’threta[edit | edit source]

The zone of human (species) sovereignty.

Haffil Mograthea[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. Fabled dwelling in Hell housing a single precious snowflake that would melt instantly if exposed to the world outside.

Corae[edit | edit source]

Years. Implied time-period or stretch of years.

Ady’i Adoña[edit | edit source]

Monkeys with opinions.

Bosskra[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. The end of the stick with the shit on. Crude expression.

Midzis[edit | edit source]

Capital Mind Under-the-Sky. Slang.

Midfrex[edit | edit source]

Capital Mind Under-the-Ground. Slang.

Bayn[edit | edit source]

Inconsequential. Slang.

Zisfrex[edit | edit source]

Neither one nor the other; bit of both. Slang.

Thok[edit | edit source]

Prong. Slang, references Molran eye teeth.

Jodo Kor[edit | edit source]

Academic research of a specialised nature.

S’crath[edit | edit source]

Unclean / impure / to-be-shunned. Approximate meaning.

Nava’ia[edit | edit source]

Fresh ice. Specifically newly-built starship’s first coating of upper-atmospheric ice.

Chashu er[edit | edit source]

Clever girl (young).

Blaran[edit | edit source]

Child / recalcitrant youth. Synonym / slang.

Bonsh[edit | edit source]

Fat of mind, fat of body / stupid. Synonym / slang.

Ganan Gyran Agaa[edit | edit source]

Large Book of Fleet Facts and Most Likely Hypotheses to Account for Missing Facts.

Koleilimas[edit | edit source]

Cultural commentator / comedian.

Adys[edit | edit source]

Monkey. Specifically humanoid primate.

Adys oko[edit | edit source]

The rushing monkeys. A slang term for human beings.

Cora laar[edit | edit source]

The long years. Usually used in reference to a person who has aged disproportionately due to hardship.

Baña Voor[edit | edit source]

We Dance In It. Name.

Aña[edit | edit source]

Dance. Baña, we dance.

Añara[edit | edit source]

Dancer. A formal title used for Blaren, old-fashioned and a bit insulting, but with a veneer of arguable propriety.

Noor[edit | edit source]

On it.

Añari skrae[edit | edit source]

To pirouette, just once, in the shit. Expression, a feeling like a frisson.

Scadt[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. A genetic / sexually-transmitted disease of the skin and membranes of the nose and ears, eradicated in Molren and Blaren and only rarely encountered among Bonshooni even as far back as the First Feast.

Kotu aar[edit | edit source]

The mistakes / the times of mistakes / regrets. Specifically referring to First and Third Prime.

Mufu[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. An expression of helplessness and dependence, the sound of an infant that must be sheltered from harmful reality. Molranoids who do not admit to adulthood. Slang / derisive term.

Mund[edit | edit source]

Stability / safety / solid ground. An expression of balance and secure footing.

Qaza’oal[edit | edit source]

The Dark Virtues. Gang name, not a real gang but a rough translation for purposes of joke.

Aña furgunaa a’adysaa[edit | edit source]

The dance of the sharks and the monkeys.

Tuta’gremChoda cole[edit | edit source]

Let the unhappy bastards sleep / dream.

Kadane[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. Parable, allegory, metaphor.

Olde Gróbi[edit | edit source]

Boglylsh blblbb mglub mglub[edit | edit source]

Twice becursèd in My eyes are the pedants.

Glyg-bleb prossha lym[edit | edit source]

We negotiate with terrorists.

New Pinian[edit | edit source]

Goshoon[edit | edit source]


Somni[edit | edit source]


Kadzûm[edit | edit source]


Asceto[edit | edit source]


Barash[edit | edit source]


Okshani[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. Flowing shirt / garb. Also a Xidh word.

Kashraa[edit | edit source]


Aña[edit | edit source]

Word, say-so.

Durka[edit | edit source]

Farewell and thank you.

P’bruz[edit | edit source]

Brother. No set gender despite implication. Deeply intimate relationship.

P’bruz g’tar[edit | edit source]

Intimate relationship, usually polyamorous.

Gróbi[edit | edit source]

[sh][edit | edit source]

Usually indicates a plural.

Hogo[edit | edit source]

Moist and cool sun-time. Literally, “good day.”

Duudar grollo flobbb[edit | edit source]

You look like thickest mud and your scent is resplendent with -. Incomplete phrase.

Gloggle-glar-gruthle[edit | edit source]

Go dry and give your mates to Me. Battlecry.

Dajaki[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. One of the ‘white square’ nations near the equator of Yatrodd 1, the seat of power of the Deacons of War. Capital city-temple: Dajak Pin.

Glob-flbbr fblub fl fl grwylbb fl[edit | edit source]

It’s a poor home with inhabitants who will not fight for it. Proverb.

Glob-flbbr[edit | edit source]

A poor home indeed.

Gróld[edit | edit source]

Classic. Grób subspecies.

Toldridge[edit | edit source]

New. Grób subspecies.

Sgelsh[edit | edit source]

Serpentine. Grób subspecies. Literally, “the length of several Gróbs."

Mulshdrun[edit | edit source]

Shelled. Grób subspecies. Literally, “Grób and shell.”

Ygatrold[edit | edit source]

Neuter. Crossbreed between two Grób subspecies.

Cragu (wings)[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. A large amphibian, legs served as food.

Bloji (sauce)[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. Probably ground-up worms. Also a term of derision (like ‘bullshit’), implying something that, no matter how appetising it might seem, is still just ground-up worms.

Slyrjy[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. A child’s toy, featuring different-shaped blocks in mud. Also a term of derision for Dark Realmers.

Gojok (wrestling)[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. Wrestling in water. Requires great lung capacity, dexterity and immense strength.

Khober[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. God of Disease.

Khober (-pox)[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. An illness.

Mimakli[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. Goddess of Drowning.

Hrtjj[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. God of Pollg.

Pollg[edit | edit source]

Drying out.

Glob Prolsch[edit | edit source]

Poor Envoy. God of "dealing with [plural] other religions."

Bfagugu[edit | edit source]

Blowing Things Up. Magazine title, also a Demigod.

Suggidge[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. A mud burrowing tortoise common to many Yatrodds. Also a machine for military use – a robotic digger used to breach armour while under fire, etc.

Grwylbb-blub[edit | edit source]

Ready to fight.

Grwylbb[edit | edit source]


Grwylbb Grolla[edit | edit source]

(To) fight in thick mud.

Hanashta[edit | edit source]

Damn fools. Plural.

Hanabla[edit | edit source]

Damn fool. Singular.

Hablabla[edit | edit source]

Foolishness. Conceptual / ideological.

Grad-hablashta brabna brab[edit | edit source]

Take in foolishnesses, filter out the wisdom. Proverb.

BaLoi[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. Greeting called into open doorway or apparently-empty dwelling: "I am a visitor, not an intruder, if there’s anybody home please speak up."

Blasglag[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. Part of digestive system / sphincter.

Flatch[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. Somewhere between lungs, gills and kidneys, designed to disperse oxygen and assemble exotic acids for the barandic system.

Barandic[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. A circulatory system for breakdown of soft exoskeletal parts.

Noro Metak[edit | edit source]

Grodl[edit | edit source]

Fastidious. Insult, usually against Molren.

Odlakka[edit | edit source]

Long monkey. Insult against humans.

Chashish[edit | edit source]

Little things, pointy teeth. Blanket term for carnivores.

Bollg[edit | edit source]

Cud. Sharing it is a sign of friendship.

Chaddachak[edit | edit source]


Oong’a fatung[edit | edit source]

[no translation]. Obscenity.

To be continued

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