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Modular starships Edit

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Barrelling Ramsay Edit

AstroCorps modular starship crewed in part by Bara Ionis and Steña Oyana MassKoi before their tour on board the Astro Tramp 400. Docked to the R&X vessel Betty's Child above Þursheim some ten years prior to the Astro Tramp 400's visit.

Several crewmembers aboard the modular were involved in the "smuggling" of gadrón-leaf alcohol which, while not explicitly outlawed, is controlled in terms of how much a serving crewmember should imbibe.

Corp Sci research and exploration starships Edit

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Betty's Child Edit

Corp Sci mid-range R&X (research and exploration) craft constructed in the ten-pointed star shape that is standard for R&X vessels. She was relative-capable, but had been in a parking orbit above Þursheim for some 50 years at the time of her destruction.

The Betty's Child's 30-deck hub globe was named A'buul, and of her 10 spar habs only Django Ryn and Often Maligned were identified by name. Django Ryn boasted the Betty's Child's only bar, an old / mythic science-themed establishment called the Stunk Nuzzle.

The vessel was critically damaged during a gravity exchange adjustment.

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Fleet Worldships Edit

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Gadrion Char Edit

Worldship named after Molran Fleet Captain Gadrion Aran Char. A sleeper awakening ceremony once held on board was witnessed by the aki'Drednanth Kelvin, and brought about the awakening of the Bonshoon Tían who belonged to the Children of Jathan group of psychically gifted Molren. The sleeper pods were not part of the Gadrion Char's manifest, but had been brought from some other location.

Another awakening ceremony on the same ship was witnessed by Blaran corsairs Gila Rodel, Ybres Three, Scross and Mapinmorn, who were in disguise as Molran functionaries at the time.

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Blaran / Separatist ships Edit

TransMundus Edit

Starship belonging to by Blaran corsair Gila Rodel and his crew. For official purposes as well as convenience, the TransMundus was a transportation and comms vessel, albeit a freakishly large and well-armed one.

Burning Fistula Edit

She was – or at least had been, once upon a time – a lander. She’d also been a prototype relative torus retrofitted shuttle, and an AstroCorps Special Weapons Division gunship. Gila and Scross had salvaged the gunship section from the Chalcedony war, although which Chalcedony war in particular was a detail neither of them could quite agree on anymore.

That part of the Fistula, with its cumulative-shockwave concussion torpedo delivery batteries, was perhaps Gila’s favourite part – but he would have hated to have to choose.


All told, she was a long, outwardly primitive-looking old thing, vaguely resembling an ancient rail-riding train that had been flung into space and covered willy-nilly with weapons. She stretched almost a third of the length of the TransMundus, three semi-articulated compartments totalling fifteen hundred feet of battered metal and composite. Consequently, she didn’t have a shuttle bay but was fixed to the larger ship’s hull like a remora, ready to detach and provide armed backup, ship-to-ship transport, even planetary insertion at a pinch. - The First Feast

Secondary starship belonging to Blaran corsair Gila Rodel and crew. Formerly integrated into TransMundus, then separated when the TransMundus was lost following Rodel's acquisition of MundCorp Research Base.

The Fistula became Rodel's personal cruiser and unofficial flagship of his fleet after the Battle of Big Gravity.

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Demotype 717-A Edit

MundCorp flier under Captain Mandrel Holder. Also included temporary passenger Haliya.

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The Majarthian Edit

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Semi-mythical vessel charged with the transport and storage of dangerous Gods.

To be continued.

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