Mer (disambiguation) Edit

Mer might refer to:

- A character in the Xidh aplabet.

- A Firstmade High God.

- An iteration of the Molran Fleet machine mind, early precursor to the Six Species synthetic intelligence.

All of these concepts are based on the same thing, and all interconnected.

Bason raised her voice again. “I designate you Mer,” she said.

“Mer,” Mer said, sounding for all the world as though it was mulling the name over. “Named for the Firstmade deity, the so-called Nonentity held in superstitious esteem by the Three-Sider, Wide-Eyed and Lo-Rider subcultures, yes? The machine-as-metaphor-for-universal-standard, balancing the respective concepts of good and evil, or The Resplendent and Cath-”

- Bason Karturi and Mer, Deadshepherd

Mer (character) Edit


The Xidh character mer.

Mer is a character in the Xidh alphabet, meaning approximately The All-Seeing, or The Machine. Its concept predates the formulation of Xidh and long predates the creation of sentient machines, and has been reliably linked to the ruling deity of the Firstmade Brotherhood of Sight. The symbol, mer, stands alone as a concept unifying social, cultural, and mechanical systems into a higher-level biome.

Mer (High God) Edit

The High God at the head of the Firstmade Brotherhood of Sight was named Mer. It is a matter of historical and philosophical debate as to whether Mer was named for the concept of mer, or the concept was named after the deity that embodied it.

Mer takes the form of a great all-seeing eye that is usually mechanical or technological in aspect; this is widely agreed to be a symbolic manifestation of the interlinking social, psychological, behavioural, biological and technological systems that form the structure of wider Corporate (and perhaps urversal) civilisation. The ideology of Mer and the Sight Brotherhood has led to the deity being nicknamed The Machine, as a reference to the unseen and underlying structures that form societies. Mer, as an artificial essence predating the invention of artificial minds, is generally considered the patron deity of all machine intelligences - this in itself is a paradox and a contradiction, as machines are also generally considered to be objects of pure rationality and the polar opposite of the nonsensical illogic of biological "souled" entities.

Mer's assumption of control over, if not total integration of, all the Corporation's artificial sentients and interconnected systems has given Sight almost unprecedented theoretical power even compared to the other nine Firstmade Brotherhoods.

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