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The cover of Molran, depicting the Astro Tramp 400 on approach to the bonefields. The illustration is of course an artist's impression, as the bonefields' physical appearance is open to interpretation.

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If you’re supposed to think outside the box, why is there a box? - Straightforward Stana

The bonefields. One of the oldest mysteries of the Six Species. They say the bonefields are a myth. They say the bonefields are empty. They say the bonefields are the lair of an unspeakable ancient evil that makes the Damorakind look peace-loving and benevolent. They say you can only go there once. They say that nobody who has gone into the bonefields ever wants to go back, and never talks about what they saw. But then ... they said much the same thing about Horatio Bunzo's Funtime Happy World, didn’t they? - Blurb, Molran

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A Blaran or a Bonshoon is defined by the distinguishing features that set it apart from the Molran. A Molran is defined by their lack - Vondor Ghone-Shole, Blaran koleilimas

Molren are the quintessential Molranoid species. They are bipedal and have two pairs of arms in a vertical configuration. They are structurally very similar to their close relatives the Blaren and the Bonshooni.

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Artist's depiction of a Molran in AstroCorps uniform.

Between seven feet five inches and seven feet seven inches in height by the human measure, Molren have wide, flat-topped skulls and naturally up-curved mouths that give the appearance of smiling. They have a single pair of elongated incisors or eye teeth in their upper jaws that extend down over their lower jaws, forming "fangs" or "prongs". Molran ears are large and webbed like bat-wings, the source of the widely-used slur "bat-heads" for Molranoid species.

Species origin Edit

The ultimate origin of the Molran superspecies is The Centre, a Dimension - a universe in itself with its own attendant set of physical laws - in the absolute centre of the urverse. The species rose to sentience in Capital Mind, "the city in the centre of the universe" as some Molranoids of the Thirty-Ninth Century YM refer to it. At the point in history contemporary with the main narrative of The Final Fall of Man, this origin is almost entirely forgotten by the Molranoids of the galaxy.

An unspecified number of millennia ago, a community of some two million Molren departed Capital Mind and travelled to a world in a different Dimension, a spherical planet in a more standard stellar vacuum. The planet was named Dema and the Molren lived there for approximately 10,000 years by the Firstmade calendar.

This settlement was threatened, either by natural, internal or external forces, and the Molren once again set out into space, this time passing through a Portal now known in Molran Fleet mythology as the gates of space. Flying in subluminal generation ships - Worldships - they emerged into the Void Dimension and the galactic Core, where they became the target of relentless Damorakind hostility.

The Molran Fleet eventually escaped to the edge of the galaxy with the assistance of the aki'Drednanth, and there they encountered Earth, and humanity. By this stage, due to time and cultural shifts and the damage done by Damorakind attacks, the Molren had almost completely forgotten their own origins.

The separation of Molran from Blaran occurred at the formation of the Molran Fleet, where the original Molran species boarded the Worldships Enna Midzis, Grandix and Bonshoo as either administration/crew, civilian/passenger, or sleeper/cargo. The division in the waking travellers soon formed the foundation of the Twin Species, and the Twin Species Social Code outlining its precepts. Later, following the reanimation of a large number of damaged Dema'i native Molren from the sleeper hold of the Bonshoo, a third Molranoid species was defined: the Bonshooni.

Over time, Molran became synonymous with the pure form of the species, defined by its adherence to Worldship law and custom and practice, and its preservation of the species. Blaren and Bonshooni were viewed as subspecies branches, impure and inferior to the Molren. The truth is, all three branches of the Molran superspecies are deviations from the root, because the Dema'i were deviations from the root.

Etymology and ultimate origins Edit

The word molran is thought to have originated in a prehistoric pre-Xidh language, and means simply mortal. The Molren are one of the ten Elder Races, and were the first of the ten to be conceived and set upon the path to development by the Infinites and the Firstmades, in The Centre in the First Age. Before their creation, the only self-aware entities in the urverse were immortals and aactur, themselves a technical grey area.

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