“If trying to unravel the entire urverse were enough to grant me the rank of Ghåålus, I’d be there already.”

“Oh yes?” the Black Lotus tipped her head. “And what happened to the quintillions of innocent beings on the scales while you were making this grand attempt at omnicide?” - Black Lotus

Omnicide, according to standard Earth dictionaries, refers to the destruction of all life, usually in reference to a nuclear incident - a definition I consider a little human-blinkered for my tastes. Killing all organic life on Earth isn't exactly omni-anything. - Andrew Hindle

Omnicide is a crime on the books of Corporate law, one of the few so-called Category Zero crimes, and is defined as the intentional destruction of the entire urverse. Some scholars have made the argument that in order to qualify as truly everything, omnicide should include the destruction of theoretically inclusive planes such as the Elsewhere, inside of which the urverse is supposedly but an infinitely small element; or the High Places, inside of which the Elsewhere is supposedly but an infinitely small element.

For most usual purposes, however, the act of destroying the urverse as defined by the infinite-upon-infinite law-sets of physics and unphysics that encompass the Corporation, Beyond the Walls and Limbo is considered more than sufficient.

Few criminals get close enough to committing omnicide - or even conceptualising a plan to do so - to actually attract the attention of anyone who might be inclined to stop them. So far, by definition, 100% of attempted omnicides have been prevented and the criminals responsible sentenced according to the actionable crimes committed in pursuit of their goal.

Considering the obvious fact that should anyone successfully commit omnicide, nobody would be left to sentence them or even note that the crime had taken place, the elevation of an omnicidal criminal to Class Zero criminal status is and will forever remain a purely theoretical exercise in criminal philosophy.

Omnicide is distinct from so-called lesser omnicide that is defined as the destruction of a single Dimension or any finite number of Dimensions. Lesser omnicide is a Category One crime that has been recorded as having been committed several times in known Corporate history.

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