The Six Species is a political and cultural alliance of six sentient species:


A rough sketch of the Six Species emblem, incorporating (left to right) human, the three Molranoid species, aki'Drednanth and Fergunakil.

The Six Species charter Edit

The charter is a series of accords formulated by the allied Six Species governing bodies, dealing largely with conduct and interrelations between the member-species.

Early history: The Twin Species Edit

In the formative years of the Molran Fleet, the Twin Species Social Code was drafted as a formal statement of the division between Molran and Blaran, and their continued separation into distinct species.

The Four Species Edit

When the Molran Fleet encountered the Damorakind, they were saved by aki'Drednanth agents who then joined the Fleet and the union as a third species. They brought Fergunakil survivors with them from the Damorakind warships, and the Fergunak became the fourth species.

The Five Species Edit

Also called the Quin Species, the union expanded on the awakening of a large population of sleeper pod dwelling civilians on board the Fleet Worldship Bonshoo. The awakened population, separated severely from the Molran and Blaran species by genetic drift and culture-gap as well as a number of physiological and psychological disorders from their extended time in the pods, were named Bonshooni.

Humanity and the Six Species Edit

After reaching Earth and then departing once again following the First Feast and the fall of Big Shooey, the Molran Fleet agreed to name humanity as the sixth species. For official reasons, however, human is still expressed without the proper-noun status of a sentient species, instead classified as an intelligent non-sentient organism.

The dumbler races Edit

Main article: Dumbler.

Sentient species encountered after the formulation of the Six Species charter are dubbed dumbler races, dumblers, dumblermar or dumbler folk. Also called Seveners. There is no official agreement that a seventh species will never be added to the Six Species, although as has been pointed out, it would mean rebranding all the stationery.

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