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The Final Fall of Man is the name of the science-fiction book series detailing the crew and mission of the AstroCorps modular starship the Astro Tramp 400. The books in the series are as follows:

  1. Eejit
  2. Drednanth
  3. Bonshoon
  4. Fergunakil
  5. Blaran
  6. Molran
  7. Damorak
  8. Human

The story was originally intended for the first seven books to be a connected series of almost entirely standalone stories, concluding with Human to tie the series together. The development of the narrative, however, made the reading order above a strong recommendation, if not a practical necessity.

The title of the series refers to the end-of-civilisation events that unfold around the Astro Tramp 400 as she continues her mission, and is a nod to the biblical concept of the Fall of Man.

“Your readers do know the difference between a Fall of Man and an Apocalypse, don’t they?”

“I think so, but Final … ”

“Final schminal. The point of the original Fall of Man was that Adam and Eve did what they were told right up until the Devil tempted them with knowledge, after which they were cast out of paradise. Anyone who didn’t see where this series was heading is an idiot, there I said it.” - Edpool and Andrew Hindle