The Tenth Elders are a semi-secret society of academics and inventors who identify themselves not as members of their birth-species, but as representatives of a separate and higher species.

There are ten Elder Races. One of the ten, however, does not exist – and has never existed. This is widely agreed to have been the work of the Relth. The Tenth Elders had delved too deeply into forbidden secrets, and had been cauterised from history. Their existence is purely speculatory – there are ten of every other important thing in the urverse, and only nine known Elder Races.

Utter nonexistence was a fate even more impressive than that of the Kernians, the most famous of the Elder Races to have been punished by Limbo and His servants. The Kernians had merely been struck mad. So the more unstable but nevertheless brilliant creative minds of the Corporation claimed kinship with this lost species of master unravellers of the fabric of reality.

Arbus Rosedian, aka. the Reaper, the Reaper of Slumsville, creator of the Destarion and the twenty-six other Category 9 Convoy Defence Platforms of the post-Worm Pinian armed forces, was one of the most famous among the minds to claim a place in the Tenth Elders.

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