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A little project I decided to try out, where I can put some relevant info and background details on the urverse of The Final Fall of Man and up-coming related works.

What's it all about?

A couple of years ago Andrew Hindle started writing a science-fiction book. That book became a series of eight: The Final Fall of Man.

Now, that series is set to explode into additional stories, new series, and a whole universe - a whole urverse - of madness. So a wiki to keep it all straight might be a good idea.

Latest activity

  • new page Cho'gule
    created by Stchucky
    New page: “I live in cho’gule for First Prime and on until I four hundred years,” Dunnkirk said, his affable tone unchanged. “The cho’gule, the brothello, the...
  • new page Hell
    created by Stchucky
    New page: Hell might refer to: - The flatworld of Hell, one of the Four Realms of the Void Dimension. - The Hell Dimension, one of the ten million Dimensions...
  • new page P'bruz
    created by Stchucky
    New page: “We are close,” Maladin provided. Janya didn’t think that was what p’bruz translated as – and she didn’t think it meant brother, either – but she...
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  • edit Saint Bortemus
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  • new page Saint Bortemus
    created by Stchucky
    New page: “You mentioned smuggler – Bortemus’s ballsack!” “I didn’t realise you were an adherent of Saint Bortemus the Fish Charmer,” he said mildly. - Black...
  • new page Filter flukes
    created by Stchucky
    New page: A non-sentient invertebrate species engineered to filter and purify water. On Earth the species was strictly controlled, infertile and completely...
  • edit Bortemus
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  • new page Bortemus
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    New page: Bortemus might refer to: - Saint Bortemus, canonised human Saint of the Pinian Church. - Bortemus Balch, a Molran phobe and false identity created...
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    Edited the section: Species origin
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